The Need For New API Strategy

The Need For New API Strategy

Many major businesses face challenges in their applications economy. From trying to integrate different silos to meeting customer demands have become difficult due to the mismanagement of existing and previously isolated data.  As there is more and more demand for web and mobile apps to head and manage these enterprises, greater data influence can inspire creation and deployment of modern APIs.

Challenges Faced In An Applications Economy

Diving more into the need for API Management, we can see that enterprises depend on back-end data that are mostly based on legacy applications. Enterprises can no longer get away with, “If it is not broken, don’t fix it”.

Moreover, there are newly added systems that are at different places either in the cloud or in different geographical locations from business acquisitions.

As part of the IoT (Internet of Things), moving towards mobile and web applications is essential and critical in today’s world.

This is where an API Management comes into play. Let us look at the two aspects of API deployment: Public and Private.

Public APIs

The world is becoming more and more public with social media and over-sharing syndrome. In a non-condemning way, this openness of resources and information has also helped make our lives easier. If you are a retailer who wants the maximum of consumers to know about you and your product. When your competitors are out there with blaring images of offers and discounts, you should know that their public APIs have done a great job.

APIs in Twitter, Facebook or other platforms like Google maps facilitate such service-oriented architectures. Effective APIs are used to attract partnerships and productivity.

Private APIs

Private APIs are all the more instrumental in furthering a business. Solving internal conflicts among the different silos of the company and placing regard to the safety and security through the different departments demands building of API.

Companies that deploy sufficient APIs to take care of communications, office needs and tabulations of available data gains flexibility and time. Factors that slow the company growth can be tackled through these APIs.

To do all this, an in-depth knowledge of programming languages, skills related to these APIs, having a track on the new and improved APIs and data resources and an API strategy is necessary. These resources are present with an API service that creates and deploys your APIs.

Our APIs at DataQuest provides everything that an enterprise architect needs to push through in the economy. Our services are made to be secure, improves runtime and design time, integrates new features into old APIs and modernize legacy apps.

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