Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Consumers all around the world are looking for simpler and more convenient ways to obtain deals online. This demand for digitalization can present challenges for many traditional and new businesses. The process includes going mobile, social, and demands cloud computing and big data. Handling this transition with Integrated and Managed Infrastructure is key for your overall business transformation.

What does Managed Infrastructure entail?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is one of the three varieties of Cloud Computing. With managed infrastructure, your IT  environment is virtualized across the ‘Cloud’ or basically, the internet. Server systems, cooling devices, server rooms, wires, connections and all other physical components of IT disappear over IaaS. Hardware and related computing elements like bandwidth, network, load balancers and more come into play over a virtual space.

The services offered by the host is through the cloud where data centres operate from different parts of the world. These servers take care of all these operations which makes it the most reliable option.

Managed infrastructure service provides these aspects to your business, which are:


Networks work better when you have access to a bigger platform that you solely would not have been able to muster. It also saves time when ensuring up time and maintaining equipment.


You have more flexibility when it comes to accessing data from different locations and sharing them. It works even with different providers and different platforms.

Less Marketing Time

There is greater flexibility and everything from design to launch is taken care of, which helps to bring products to market in lesser time.

Disaster Management and Business Continuity

Disaster management is one of the primary reasons as to why companies opt for managed infrastructure. The cost and backup solutions required to do this by themselves is significantly reduced.

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