HYBRID INFRASTRUCTURE- How It Influences Businesses

HYBRID INFRASTRUCTURE- How It Influences Businesses

Decline in traditional data centre outsourcing (DCOs) and the exponential increase in cloud computing compared to the rest of IT, markedly indicates that there is a shift towards Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure in the market. Largely because of businesses’ desire to improvise to requirement and gain flexibility over their infrastructure.

Why Hybrid Infrastructure Has Seen Benefits?

Hybrid Infrastructure entails integration of systems that are traditional legacy systems and data centres with new and innovative cloud structures – private, public and managed.  Not many organizations have been successful in their transformation to cloud infrastructure. What pinned them down is their failure to train and gather the necessary skills to build and manage the cloud platform. This is no surprise because delivering a solid and managed cloud by integrating all these platforms requires complex tools, techniques and processes.

However, those who have been able to strategically plan and maintain a steady environment have enjoyed cost reduction and lesser work load. The results can be deciphered from the vast majority of private cloud customers who were able to utilize the public and managed cloud to mitigate their workloads to the public and managed cloud.


Another huge deal with Hybrid IT is the customer demand. With huge resources of cloud and legacy storage facilities that are around, businesses are unable to catch up with all of them. Many organization that are seeking to expand does not see it coming until they end up in a huge mess. This is not to be taken lightly when it comes to customer satisfaction and therefore, it affects businesses overall.

Hybrid IT eventually helps achieve a lot of milestones, namely:

  • Moving forward from age-old technologies
  • Deciding on dispensable and retain-able legacy systems
  • Improve overall IT environment
  • Quicker to market
  • Better available skills
  • More connectivity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in workload

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