What Is VPS Hosting And How To Benefit From It

What Is VPS Hosting And How To Benefit From It

While choosing a hosting service you will come across the terms dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and shared hosting. Knowing more about the differences of these services will help you to choose better when it comes to hosting your website. As a beginner, you may choose shared hosting where your resources are shared because it suits your requirements for a small website. However, as your website grows you may need to switch to a better and faster server. You may not, at this stage, be able to afford a dedicated server and will not need that amount of resources either.

VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server hosting. To understand the concept better, you should know that your webhost owns a set of servers which they maintain themselves, and they allocate part of the server space for you to run your website on it, depending on what you pay for. Here again, you may want an entire server to yourself like in a dedicated server or chose to share a server with others. A VPS is the most common middle-ground between these two options where you do share a server but enjoy the benefits of having your own server. Hence, the term ‘virtual private’ server.

Let us dig deeper and see what the benefits of a VPS are and what benefits and resources you can expect from it.


Most website owners choose a VPS when they need to upgrade from a shared hosting or as a stepping stone to gain the technical and know-how to progress to a dedicated server space.

Manage Heavy Traffic

Heavy incoming traffic means growth and advancement as you get more visits to your site. You utilize much more resources, as in CPU and RAM, and this requires you to take up more space in the server. There is a limit to the amount of resources you can use on a shared server and therefore you may need to switch to a VPS. You will be able get more speed too with a VPS.

Security and Safety

You gain complete access or root access to the server. This way you can easily implement your own security measures, create regular backups and use software that you need to implement. With shared hosting, much of your resources are limited. You are also protected from crashes to the server because of someone else’s mistakes with who you are sharing a server.

Flexibility and Scale-ability

Even compared to a dedicated server, where you need technical assistance to install any upgrades, in a VPS you can do it yourself with a click of a button. You can downgrade and upgrade without worrying about downtime or other technical limitations.

Flexibility also entails use of new and upgraded software when and where you want. You can also experiment with resources and test systems and procedures.

Using a VPS hosting service is the most traditional but effective way to manage your website. With the above mentioned advantages, you can have no doubt that your website and applications will have better stability and control.

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